torstai 14. syyskuuta 2017

Tara who? who are you?

Guess what time of the year is it? yaaz the time to re-introduce myself again.
Without any further disclamers, here we go.

or maybe few, because this post writing took a couple of unexpected turns.
I don't google myself very often. But as I had discussion about my age lately with someone, after making them guess my age and them knewing the right answer I playfully asked, how long it took to google that. We laughed a bit.
So I decided to google me, and how interesting old social media accounts I found.

Another disclamer, this post takes now more than several unexpected turns. Newest being, that I fell asleep on my computer after my dance trains and woke up just an hour ago from same position. I ate fries for breakfast and contemplated whether I should order boat tickets right away Finland. Then found out that my heart was beating so fast that it was imspossible to think.
And that is really all you have to know about me :-D

I am kidding, of course.

So hi,

My name is Tara Kolppanen. You may know me better as TaraWho, the gurl who can not do anything without disclaimers. My favorite dish is healthy burritos, but if I had to choose one dish that I could eat no matter to health I would definitely eat fries, because they have been my absolute favorite from the day I was born to this universe. However, I am way too control freak to eat fries even once a month.

I hate it when people call me shy. As long as I feel comfortable with you, I am the least shyest person on earth. But I tend to listen a lot if all of the sudden I get dropped to a whole new situation. It is really difficult to scare me really, and I think the scariest thing in this world is future. Because, well people are often scared what they don't know.

I often dance on my underwear in my kitchen. And in the living room. And in the grocery store. And in movie theatres. Not on my underwear tho, you silly. Or who knows, if you pay me enough. But mostly, I dance in studios. And besides of all that jazz, I lift heavy things. Not because I don't want to lose my bum, but mostly because it prevents me to go totally nuts.

My favorite colors are violet & yellow, and I think way too much. I write secretly poems at my home. And I think life is like riding a bike; once you get going it gets easier. But oh well when you stop for too long, it is hard to push yourself back to the road.

I am way too active to meant to be sitting alone at home. I tend to easily to isolate myself in those times, because it is hard for me to accept the fact that all people are not as gold hearted as I thought them to be. I think I am at my best when I am busy as hell. Then I do not have time to think too much. Or I do have, but all that thinking is going on something important. Like analyzing strategies or writing an article. Or doing a choreography, or editing a video. Or being out hugging people in charity events.

I love traveling, and it is rather easy for me to make a home wherever I go. I have spent loads time in different hotels due to my traveling heart and the fact that I am related to pageant industry. It has been good times, but also I can not use my nose ring when doing modeling. Which is kinda sad, because I like to think that in that nose ring my personality culminates.

My original plan was became a dance teacher, but I ended up in university studying international business & communication management. God bless from that. I have met loads of people during my journey, and most of them come and go. For me, it is hard to say good byes. So I stopped doing it. I say see you later. Sometimes with a laugh.

Hmm. What else you want to know about me. I love chill people, black coffee and deep discussions. I am fascinated by actual caring and people who demand to stay with me, no matter how I push them away, because, you know, they get it. I don't push people to way them to actually leave. I push them away because I might be a bit scared about the future. When people ask me if I am single, I always tend to answer, that no, I am a full album.

I am addicted to coke zero, drinking loads of water and good music. I love pomerian dogs and enjoy putting make up on. I don't like drinking alcohol, but I do like to chill on Sundays with my best friend giggling on the couch and staring at the roof.

Oh, and there is one thing you need to know about me before I go. I am a person who ends up in really weird situations ALWAYS. My life is one huge story time, and often I don't ask for it.
But it has always been like that and I think it will always be like that.
And that is why, I have galaxies inside me.