tiistai 19. syyskuuta 2017

🌙miten luokan ainoo neitsyt voi olla huora, Ă€iti istuu mun sĂ€ngyn laidalla kyyneleitĂ€ marimekon paidalla se sanoo joskus mĂ€ oon paremmas paikas vaik nyt on myrskyy pitÀÀ pysyy vaan laivas

Let's talk about occurrences.
As we all know, these weird psychic things happen to me all the time.
In fact, I have a big theory that it keeps happening to everyone, others just pay closer attention to them than others. Okay, now this sounded like loads of balderdash, hah.

I told in my vlog how this totally random man brought me coffee the other day just before my business meeting started. So, In that day there was a massive traffic inside my head and finally, after going around old town I found the place where I should be and I step into this bar which wasn't even meant to be open. As I have really digged a bit "free spirit" style lately, I was there with my hair wild open and clothes which made me look that I have just taken a time travel back from the seventies. But as told before, I am not that kind of person who really cares what people think about my style as long as I feel comfortable in my clothes.

So here I was, in middle of this bar, watching these two gentlemen having cups of tea. As they saw me walking down, they apologized that "unfortunately, we are still closed". I laughed it off with saying that I was here looking for someone. In that moment one of them came to me and started chatting. The another gentleman got me some coffee, I sit down in the individual table and as I got coffee I also got bunch of different questions, starting with Hamsa in my necklace.

The guy had a long thick hair and he looked a bit like a surfer. He was handsome and he had kind eyes. He looked a bit like Jesus. Like a handsome Jesus. As I was still confused and half asleep I touched my neck and asked if he wanted to know more about the crystals that are hanging around my neck, because they were ten times bigger than the hamsa, and it just seemed more logical to me.
so the handsome Jesus said to me;
no, I meant the hand. "It's called hamsa".
"And with that, there is obviously key to your heart".

We had a long discussion about me and where I come and who I am.
I was confused because of the traffic jam, rainy day and because of the Jesus.
In and between all of these, I tried to ask him about himself, but all the time he was more thirsty to know about me. As a persistent person as I am, I didn't give up so easily.

I don't know what was the meaning of this occurrence.
But one thing I do know, that I appreciated that discussion and meeting that beautiful spirit.
I think he had a really beautiful aura as a person. If I didn't come early to that meeting I wouldn't meet and had the long discussion with him.
I wouldn't meet such a nice spirit.

That day was really rainy. Not only outside but inside my head too.
But somehow, after meeting that spirit it pushed me back to my tracks, step by step same alike like last Friday with my friend, or one Sunday back in July with my friend and her boyfriend or like last Saturday.

He polished my halo and pushed my pieces closer together.
He made me saw my silver line again, which  was buried by someone before.

Most of us do not remember how big an impact we can have on each other lives by saying small things. He didn't say big things during that discussion, and I bet he didn't have a clue how much he saved my little soul on that day.