keskiviikko 20. syyskuuta 2017

🌙 Lighting stog after stog, and choke on the smokeThey tell me to quit, don't listen what I'm toldHelp me forget that this world is so coldI don't even know what I'm chasin' no moreTell me what I want, just keep searchin' onIt's never enough, cup after cupI wouldn't give one if I could find a fuck, ha, ha, haAnd my bitch called talkin' 'bout some dramaI swear there ain't no time for women on the come upIt's either the pussy or the commas 🔮

Currently feeling like the whole universum is hugging me 🌙.
Today has been so weird day, in a good way tho. Usually, when I get aching throat it also gives me so much anxiety, but as my friend told me "you have just stopped giving any ducks lately" obviously autocorrect didn't lie.
After chilling whole day at home and taking care of myself I took an amazingly long excursion to my backyards. 25 steps to be more specific.
I was sitting there in the bench and looking clouds passing by. And I felt like the whole universe was hugging me. I felt peace like never before. 
I have had a major sleeping challenges since I was 18. When I left my first long-term boyfriend and I all the sudden had to learn how to sleep alone I turned on the tv. Later on, I changed it to youtube videos and my future partners. And I know it is not healthy in any way to sleep every night while playing youtube videos. 
So, today I promised to try to just listen to music and leave the youtube videos to my living room. Only thought about this gives me a bit excitement and anxiety. I am good at sleeping next to someone, but for some reason sleeping alone in silence lefts me to feel uncomfortable. However, I am ready to start taking those baby steps to change it.
As I am also ready to start taking baby steps to eating less animal flesh.