maanantai 18. syyskuuta 2017

🌱I'm grateful, thank you for the things you do and say to keep me faithful, thank you for the time you take to keep my heart from danger, funny how one stranger stepped in made up all these changes, for the better🌙


Today has been a great day. I woke up so early, ate breakfast, packed my bags and went to university. I had a long interesting discussion about music industry with a professor and after that went to get my brand new ID-card. I am so happy not to look any more like a gurl who has been jail like plus ten years, because my old one was so horrible. Like people didn't believe that it was me when I tried to go into bars, it was so bad.

In the evening I went dancing with our group trains. I really dig the studio and there is so familiar faces there already. Now I am already in my bed because tomorrow I have busy day coming up. I am still chilling a bit, maybe listening couple of videos and just enjoying my life.

I hope you had a kick start to your weekend.
And if it wasn't, I promise, one day it will get better sis (or bruh).
Love ya,