maanantai 25. syyskuuta 2017

I am doing everything to get fit expect doing sports and eating healthy

Guess who is it, your favorite Scandinavian girl here!

Today I wanted to talk about things that may slow down your progression in your journey to getting fit. I think getting the shape you want is really easy, and to be honest I am not sure what is all the magical motivation & magical will-power you have to have in order to get the dream body you want.

It is very easy. 
You find an example and you follow it. 
No magic still around, even though I would like to believe in Santa Claus once in a while.

Magic is not needed indeed,
but something that is needed is the ability to be smart. 
And a hint of good detective skills.
 Especially when it comes to food.

What I mean by that is, that everything that is labeled as "fitness" or "salad" does not mean that you can eat it as much as you want. 
A good example being, that very important and dear human creature moments ago decided to start lifting heavy weights and getting the dream body, even though I repeatedly told him that you are just perfect like that. 
He didn't believe me. 
Why nobody believes me ever? on the other hand, we are just close friends so why would he believe me? OK now we are on side tracks.

Whatever, after one workout he was super excited to introduce me the salad he just bought and I am sad to inform you that salad was worse than any possible available burger king option because of it fat content.
In fact it wasn't salad. 
It was mayonnaise labeled as a "salad"

The other very interesting topic is protein bars. You can go really wrong with them because most of them are just pure candies. Just because some marketing department has decided to label it as "protein" does not mean it doesn't have as much sugar and fat than actual chocolate.
So be aware, and be good Sherlock and your journey to be fitter will take more short cuts.

Good luck with solving cases,
Your favorite Scandinavian GURL is out!
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