keskiviikko 6. syyskuuta 2017

Drowning in silence when I'm lost in the crowd

I woke up today a bit later, because I was having dinner with someone yesterday evening.
Then we went to get some coffees and walked around the beach, talk about life and watched, oh so beautiful city lights. I laughed a bit, felt inside warm and came home.

In the morning I woke up beautiful message & had totally forgotten that OUT LOUD was planned to release today.
So there I was opening my phone and first thing was I got notified this.

I am not gonna bullshit anyone.
You all know already how big fan of music I am.
I listened to the song and I am not kidding when I say I have never felt anything so accurate to my life.
Universe works in very weird way.

I just opened my and true it is,  I have listened ONLY this song the whole day today. 
all together 75 plays.
Can you believe that?

I have always known music is my superpower.
But this song literally saved my life.

and when I say it saved my life today, I really mean it. 
I hope maybe tomorrow there is an another song which will do it too.