keskiviikko 13. syyskuuta 2017

Craving Junk Food? read what you body actually tries to sign you.


Craving some cupcakes, french fries or candies? Don't worry, it is not your poor self-control or you as a "not-persistent-enough-fitness-person". Often there are much bigger things going on that we think we know. Here is a couple of examples what your body actually needs when all you can think is sugar or junk food...
If you are craving...                                           Your body actually needs....

+ Soda                                                                      Kale, broccoli or anything that consist CALCIUM
+ White bread                                                  Tofu, Beans, Fish, Chicken anything high in PROTEIN
+ Candies                                                     Well balanced meal with vegetables & protein, fresh fruits and berries
+ Chocolate                                                                Seeds, nuts, legume, MAGNESIUM supplement

+Tobacco producst                                                                          try to take VITAMIN C supplement
+PMS cravings                                                                                ZINC & B12 supplements               
+Pastries                                                                                               Healthy FATS; try avocado, nuts
+Snacking anything unhealthy often                         More well-balanced meals with enough volume;                                                                                 vegetables and protein & long grain carbs included.