sunnuntai 3. syyskuuta 2017

choose your battles, my babygurl

okay, so for the starters I just want to give you a little disclaimer, that my life is bounded around so crazy happenings that they are sometimes way too much even for the internet, and that was exactly what my weekend was :--D but here is some NOT-SO-SHOCKING things happened lately...

*I have cooked a loads thai-food
*Our relationship with my friend flied to new levels when I asked him to bring toilet paper to my house when he came  :-----D When he handed me the toilet paper he laughed and said, well other guys bring roses, but I am special, so I bring you toilet paper. I laughed. Then we watched together Ninja stream as I was putting my make up on before he headed out.
*I went back to university & didn't felt the stress (????)
*I signed up for parties but then had to make a game changer and go be emotional support, which I really enjoyed as well. 
*We went to the shops to see different furnitures, but actually we were just making memes, lying on beds and laughing loads.
*I also met one really interesting person after such a occurrences that I believe in destiny again :-D
* I haven't done whole weekend anything productive for myself but I truly think I have had one of the best weekends in freaking months (finally I have been laughing genuinely with a help, but still)
*I saw a dream about pewdiepie. He dumbed Marzia and wanted to be with me. Marzia loved me also and she called me "that beautiful Finnish girl". I wasn't really so much into Felix but I took him. LOL IS THERE A TIME WHEN I AM NOT REALLY INTO FELIX :DDDD but the dream was dope
*I have eaten chocolate butter and bread (a bit too much maybe, but I liked it so its fine)
*I have had killer workouts
*I have watched streams in twitch
*I have been sleepwalking and talking like mf:er like usually
*THIS IS NOT A DREAM: I was at ESTONIAN +50 Years old, Estonian, animal doctors (vet's) backseat of the car in the middle of the night :--DDDDDDDD yea don't ask, I don't know f my life.