torstai 31. elokuuta 2017

how to get fit during Autumn?

Oh hell ye, can you smell the Autumn breeze. The cold mornings and warm days. The smell of something new. The smell of getting back to routines. Responsibilities -and, well
Getting back on the track.

GRHM. Me, the professional EX-I-WILL-GET-SUPER-FIT-THIS-AUTUMN Tara signing up. I tried it eall back in the years. all the 8-week-bikini, Atkins, eat pineapple, whatever diets and all with the same result. Completely bullshit, if you wish.

I can not find any reason why you should listen to me with this, but here is couple of tips how I got my body to be MY BODY 364 days in a year (I don't count Christmas day bc then nobody feels themselves)

1) TAKE ONE STEP AT TIME. Whatever you want to start, patience is the key. My friend, the thing is that if you are starting a new hobby, new school, moving the brand new city, deciding loose 50 pounds and start a new career as Santa Claus, I am sorry to break it to you honey, but it ain't happening.
I can guarantee you that there will be loads of things happening. Inside your body. Stress hormones and they ain't good. So take a step at a time. Today, drink a cup of water, tomorrow eat two more carrots. Where the rush boiii

2) FIND THE SPORTS OR ACTIVITIES THAT GENUINELY MAKE YOU HAPPY. I can not stress how important this is. Years ago, I used to be the girl who wake up 5.00 to run outside in the rain. I hated every single step. Sometimes I cried and run (I tend to be a bit melodramatic from time to times GRÖHÖM :D) and sometimes I just run. One way or another I can not remember any time when going for a run in the rain made me happy. Looking back to it now, I think I was crazy. Don't take me wrong I still am, but God thanks I do not run in the rain anymore.

On a serious note, you need to find the activities that make you happy. Without the genuine pleasure that activity gives to you there is long-term solutions can to be found.

3) EAT. You need to eat. If you do not eat you do not have the motivation to do sports or anything. Are you concerned why you do not find the eagerness to go & lift stuff? Ask yourself when was the last time you ate? Eat things that are whole foods. Concentrate REAL FOOD and always prefer REAL MEALS instead of nutmixes, protein bars, candies or sweet things.

4) BE ACTIVE. in small places. Walk. Run. Dance around. Laugh. If you want to be a person you have never been before you need to do the things that you have never done before.

5) VISUALISATION. See yourself in the body you want to be. Every single day. It will pay off. I used to always see myself in a body I am currently. When I wasn't right there I said to myself that soon I will be there if I work hard enough. I guess it worked.

Good luck with your journey,
Thd scandinavian gurl is out!

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