tiistai 20. joulukuuta 2016

TARA WHO? My life from slightly different perspective

Hey there! 
I got an idea to make a post about me, introducing myself as a person I see myself. So from slightly different perspective than you may already know me. Not the one who reflecting from others, but as I have got to known myself during these past 24 years. There you go I am old as fuck or at least it feels like so.

I have a strong gut feeling that anytime soon, I should receive some badass new international readers, so there you go, if you are one of them welcome to our internet family. We are kinda awesome.

So it's Tara here. People often calls me Ciara, Sara, Kara, Taru or whatever. I am not bothered, and I really rarely make effort to correct my new friends. So all of them are OK for me. My friends like to call me queenT. I would like to think it is because of my badass attitude, and style but I bet there are more down-to-earth reason behind that. Maybe connected to my titles, who knows.

I like pretty things. I like to put make-up, wear long nails and listen good music. When I was young I used to listen post-hard core music like there is no tomorrow. Now I prefer Finnish rap music. I think it is cool, and it makes me feel good about myself. Lately I have also listened one really calming indie song, but that has nothing to do my music taste I guess. It is more like therapy.

When I was sixteen I fell in love. I used to date that boy far longer than I loved him. I think that was one of the best things ever happened to me. But also breaking up was one of the best things happened to me. Because of that, I have lived in three different countries, I think it is rather much when looking my age and where I come from (Super small town in middle of Finland)

I have two eternal problems which I am working all the time during my life. One of them is feeling, oh, so deeply everything. And another thing is thinking too much. I cope with these problems by dancing (I have danced whole my life, but I still think I rather suck at it even though I am super dance enthusiastic and seeking improvement options) and by lifting heavy things. I hate alcohol, nonetheless, I still drink. I think we all need sometimes to get fucked up, you know what I mean.
If you don't get fucked up, I think it is cool too.

I have done modeling and I still do it. My favorite modeling things were appearing as a leading role in a music video, cover shoot for women magazine, one trip in Cyprus, and mmm. doing one tv series. I also work with international business, but that is something that is not interesting to you.

I love humour & vlogging & youtube. I love to laugh. But I am also very spicy person. But I promise I have my reasons to be! It is most of the times rather funny to be honest with you. So people who are close to me know already that sometimes I am a full of energy and sometimes I am not so full of energy. But it is okay.

Humour is my defense mechanism to the cruel world. I also think laughing can make you feel a lot better often. Well, who doesn't, you know what I am saying ;)

When it comes to love life I am rather picky. Once my friend got pissed off me because I said I do not believe in magical love. He got so pissed of he yelled me that I do not have right to say so cause I am dating assholes. I think there was a point, but I never admitted it. Cause Queen I am.

I like people who can show me something. If you tell me about the stars and why moon is round I think we could make some interesting discussions.

I am not too materialistic person. Or how would I say it. If I have to choose between material and experiences I would defo take experiences. I rather work hard, than lay in bed a full week.

I have my skeletons in the closet. But I like to keep them there you know. At leastast for now, maybe in future vlogs I go crazy and tell all my deepest secrets to you guys and then I really have to move timbuktu and get an timbuktu man for myself. Timbuktu is nice place I guess, but moving there comes a bit fast, don't you think.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I did my bachelor's degree in international business and now I am doing my master's in communication management. So it is useless to say, I love intelligent people.

My favorite food is chicken salad with cucumber mayonnaise from one not-so-fancy fastfood restaurant and I hate waiting people in any cases. I also hate corruption, racism and cold-ass-motherfuckers.
I swear like a mermaid and it is really bad, I try to quit it is not going so good.
I think it is not so bad, because I am otherwise really healthy person, you know.

I tend to be a bit complex person sometimes. But now you know that so we won't have problem.
But now I really think I have to stop, cause otherwise you will never come back to me.
So yeah, that was long story short.
So who are you?

ps. here are some links to videos I made. I did the choreo bymyself as well.
ME VLOGGING  pls turn on the subtitles on youtube

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