torstai 31. lokakuuta 2013

Jos ei tanssi, saattaa unohtaa olevansa olemassa

 No eihä mulla ny mitää asiaa ollu, tulin vaan kiittämään kahvista ja samalla hengenvedolla kertomaan, että jos Hans Välimäki sattuu olemaan linjoilla, niin oot aina tervetullut tänne mun kotiin käymään (jos Antti Reini ei satu olemaan just kyseisellä hetkellä paikalla. Tai mikäs siinä jos antsalle sopii, mulla on tilava kaksio meinaan). Balle meni hyvin, kärjillä 60 minaa, vägä ilus kuulu muutaman kerran joten, ja kupla oli paikallaan. Haluaisin päästä käymään amsterdamissa, Irlannissa ja Englannissa. Oisko mitään?

*once, one very remarkable Finnish dancer said, that if you don't dance you might forget that you exist. Sometimes I think it might be good to forget the existence, atleast for a second. However, most of the time she is right. This week's words have been ballet, pointe and business, so what do you think fellas, is there any change me to call this B-2-B aswell? I absolutely love those coffee moments with someone signifigant at some local coffee places, when there is no tourists around us. I just absolutely love it, especially when you definitely don't have time for that. Today I went to my ballet lesson anxious as hell and came back to feeling like king of the world (not queen, just because) and later on I have just been me. (not the neighbour lady, SUPRISE) If you have extra money, don't hesitate to send me loveable letters and ofcourse enclosed two-way-tickets to for example Amsterdam, Irland or England. I promise to give you a cup of coffee as a exchange. By the way, human mind is so complicated but tremendous thing. You can block almost anything from there, if you just have right tools to do that. anyways, speak to you soon.

Kisses, TaraJuliaana (tänään J lausutaan hoona)