tiistai 20. elokuuta 2013

You will never be completely at home again, cause part of your heart always will be elsewhere. that is the price you pay richness of loving and knowing people more than one place.

this post contains English translation aswell

Hei lovers! pientä fiilsitelyy ollu tässä nää parikyt tuntia ku talsussa kerenny olla, en malttais mennä nukkumaan ollenkaan. Oon muuten ihan rakastunut noihin instagram videoihin, voisin ottaa niitä koko ajan, tunnelma vaan menee niin paljo paremmin niihin kun kuviin, vaikka tuo uus nikoniki on aika haka (kattokaa nyt tota ekaaki kuvaa!! oodi nikonin minille!) Teitä tulee lisää ja mietin mistä, mutta teretulemast vaan! <3

Hey Lovers! Tara says hi from Tallinn! Home again, here where my heart truly belongs. Since here is so many people visiting my blog elsewhere than Finland, I just wanted to thank you all new readers for finding my blog. I believe it is furstrating not to understand text so I decided to write something to you aswell. Although I love writing in English, I do it constantly in my university here in Tallinn and also in my notebooks, everything is in English. But since this blog contains more my silly humor and silly me, there is no use for me to try translate my swhimsical stuff in English, but I promise to tell you something different and maybe loveable aswell. I think it is fair to you all who are readers and from abroad to understand something! Usually, I can't use my keyboard and I am amateur to spell things aswell, but let's not get that bother us!!

So, thank you once more

ps. there in label box, you can find label "Englsih" and from this very moment, I'll tag every post that I write in foreign language there, so it makes easier to you guys find it there.