maanantai 19. elokuuta 2013

Down the street we would run To scratch our names in the park young and free in the sun wheels upon the tar

I have waited for this moment so long. Sitting alone in train while listening my favourite songs from fav playlist. Life is wonderful. Always when you conceived that there is nothing more coming and then life always suprises you and again you are in those crossroads where you have to make your priorities straight again. These six, seven whatever weeks in Finland has been including all the tops and downs very lively, funny but first and foremost taughtful. However now it is my to go back to my home and get to do my own stuff, the city where you can really walk around anynomously. There is less than 8 hours and I am back to my very own home, the beautiful, loveable, capital of Estonia.

As I have thousand times said, and will continue from this moment to forever, is that I am not sure where my heart belongs, but no matter how try I try, it is definitely not in cold-narrowminded westcoast Finland.
I am going home, and damn it feels amazing!