maanantai 18. kesäkuuta 2018

m i t ä s i t ä e l ä ä v a r o v a s t i

I had blast on last week. I was joggling between going to the gym, office and going out. If I had a room mate, I bet he wouldn’t recognize me anymore because I haven’t been at home at all. On Friday I was so tired after my work day and I truly wanted to just stay home with Emma, but then I decided to get myself together and go to visit my friend who had birthday parties. After that I ended up with my friends to Kopli some techno parties. I have lately fell in love with that kind of music and I bet it has something to do with my eternal love to grime music. Well I think- we all knew to wait for that. I could just spend my life in techno parties.
On Saturday I woke up well-rested and took a bath. I was eating yesterdays pizzas on a bathtub and loving the life. We got ourselves together and went to the park to play some softball. I truly haven’t had so good time in a long time. I love to hang out in bigger groups and I love to get know to people. Especially when you find something common with them and you bound well.

Yesterday we went to the movies and I stayed up pretty late. 

It was a good weekend, these kinds of weekends more, please.

//Viime viikkona eukko laitto tuuleen ja käytin mun aikaa juosten duunista gymille ja gymistä ulos. Perjantaina päädyin illalla mun ystävän synttäribileiden kautta koplin teknobileisiin ja aamulla heräsin hyvin nukkuneena (ei uskois tosta kombosta he-he:-D) Söin aamupalaks pizzaa kylpyammeessa ja sen jälkeen me mentiin pelaamaan pesäpallon light-versiota puistoon. Eilen me käytiin safkaamassa ja leffassa ja tänään mä oon menossa salille. Oli tosi hyvä viikonloppu kaikella lailla.

tiistai 12. kesäkuuta 2018

n o t e l e p h o n e s i n t h e a f t e r n o o n

First of all, it has been a few days explanation: I chose sleep. You would choose sleep too!
Then other tragic happenings, or which one you want first? comment down below and I will make your dreams come true

ok bad news first I got you bae
1) I have been SEARCHING bikinis like a mad lad because SOMEONE fucked up my bikini ordering and they sold out and it has been the biggest tragic in my whole entire life. I am tired, lost, sad and beaten by the bikini haunt that didn't resulted anything!!
2) I almost died yesterday because I ate tacos and it caught my breath (tragic)

Then other news....
I got my nails done last week (see pic above) they are rad aren't they!?
I also went to work also on Saturday with my homie and we ordered food to the office.
Yesterday I went to the gym and I had legday which was rad! tomorrow I will have shoulders and upper body day. 
Oh yeah and I got my passport done in this week and the consult in the embassy was so sweet! We actually hanged like an hour together accidentally because my fingerprints didn't saved to my passport in some reason XDXDXDXD we had a good time meanwhile.

I have also ate pizza, wandered around telliskivi, had shopping addiction, watched Emma Chamberlain and have been very grateful about the people around me. 

I think I forgot something, but this is all I have for you today
your favorite scandinavian gurl is out BYEEE!

FINNISH: Mitä tapahtuu jos kylään tiputtaa atomipommin? Kyl'ä lähtee! moiccu

keskiviikko 6. kesäkuuta 2018

yo u ' v e b e e n i n s i d e , k n o w y o u l i k e t o l a y l o w

Yo! (English below)

Siis oon just tällanen et eka oon vuoden ilman meikkii ja hiustuotteita ja all #natural #beautycompanieshookyouintoconsurism ja sit yks viikko ja BAM hankin kaikki takas ja oon taas ihan jossain muussa elementissä :-D
En oikeesti tiedä, älkää kysykö.
No kuitenki! Tänään on ollut aika ihana päivä. Tai sellanen chilli, kyl te tiiätte.
Käytiin pizzalla duunin ja mun kulmakarva ajan jälkeen ja sit katosin jotenki ihan beauty producsien mustaan reikään. Siis sinne sujahin ihan totaalisesti Krisse kulki mun peräs ja yritti ehdotella mulle ihan jotain höpöhöpö tuotteita. 
Sain tosi paljon tänään tehtyä muutenkin, niinku sanottu oon sellanen LISTA-MUIJA.
Siis kautta aikain mut on tunnettu mun kaveripiireissä lista muijana, koska mulla on aina listoja joita toteutan ja tänään oli listalla ainakin kymmenen (10) kpl asioita ja niin ne vaan lähti eteneen! 
Sain _kaikki_ tehtyy aatteleppas sitä!
Tästä pitäis saada kruunu.

Mut nyt ei kerkee mitää kruunuja lunastaa koska nukkumatti kutsuu!

JA AI HITTO MEINAS UNOHTUU! Laitoin pienen ig-story videon mun workoutista pari päivää sitte. Se löytyy siis ig:n storystä tyylii 24h menkää tsiigaa jos kiinnostaa! se on ihan mini mutta laitoin mun sielusta osan siihen videoon tara_who ig:s (linkki myös tos alhaal)

Hello it is your favorite Scandinavian gurl here!
SO BASIC ME!!! First I am a year without any beauty products and I am all about hashtag #naturalbabe #beautycompaniesstealyoursoul and then in a one week BAM I go and buy all the products and feel fresh and clean :D:D Is it addiction, unstableness or keeping it exciting, you decide!
I have been super productive today, I made a list (hehe you know me) and I completed all the parts of it. In addition to that I went to have pizza and got my eyebrows done. SO yeah you can say it was pretty dope week.

PS. if you want to see my mini-workout in ig, it is in my story like 24hours or so, better hurry up!

love you loads, byeeee



tiistai 5. kesäkuuta 2018

b u t s o m e h o w , s o m e w a y , t h e t a b l e s t u r n e d

m o i c c u !

Oon ollut tällä viikolla aika kiireinen, että oon vaan oikeestaan käynyt himassa nukkumassa ja muuten oon menny pää kolmantena paikasta toiseen. Kaikki meno on ollut tosi kivaa ja muutenkin ollut kaikin puolin tosi kiva viikon alku. Mulla yhtäkkii tupsahti tällanen kauneus-ja-hyvinvointi viikko ihan puun takaa ja loppu meneekin juostessa ties missä salongissa.
Salillakin kerkesin jo käydä hakeen endorphiinit ja kelasin et loppu viikosta vois mennä sykkiin (?:D) taas

Oon myös pyrkiny syömään vähän terveellisemmin kaiken sen herkutellun sijaan, vaikka huomenna ollaankin menos raflaan mun kulma (:-D) huollon jälkeen. PUBGii en oo kauheesti kerenny pelata ja seki mikä ollaan pelattu mun duo partnerin kans on mennyt ihan metsään :-D
Mut hauskaa meil kuitenkin on ollu! kirjotellaan taas, moiccu!

Without me noticing I found myself in a situation where my whole week has been fulfilled with beauty salon visit after a beauty salon visit. So I think we could call it a beauty week- eh?
Rest of the week I am planning to keep taking care of myself and meeting some friends.
In addition to the beauty salon visits, I have been also eating in a healthier way & I went to the gym and I think I will have more time go at the end of the week.
I am really enjoying this university-stress-free time.

maanantai 4. kesäkuuta 2018

l i v i n g l i f e u n h o l y o r I ' m o u t o f m y m i n d


muutosten ajat! kelasin et kirjottaisin suomeksi koska a) mulla on ainakin yksi (1)kpl suomi lukijoita, sekä mun suomen kielen taito on ihan ruosteessa kuin mun neljä vuotta vanha fillari!
Siis todella c r i n g e  jutut mutta kyllä tää lähtee tästä kun vähän harjottelee!

Mun pitäis tehdä jotain tälle blogsun ulkonäölle, mutta hitto kun en keksi edes tekosyitä miksei tätä ole laitettu jo kasaan! Mutta ziiz tänään on ollut todella muksa päivä, vaikka tottakai kaikki draaman kaaret on myös mahtuneet mukaan mutta all in all kävin gymillä ja silleen, käytiin safkaan jossain uudessa mestassa ja maanantai ei muutenkaan tuntunut yhtään maanantailta!
Tein myös instagram-salaattia josta laittaisin kuvan, mutta söin sen ja se oli sitä paitsi ihan ruma.
m o i c c u !

//I will go back to write in Finnish too, because most of my readers (the other one than you) does not speak English so well LOL. Today was good day, I went to the gym, got couple of panic attacks tried a new restaurant and stuff. You know the good stuff! I also made an instagram salad which I would insert a picture but it was ugly and I also ate it already.
I should do something to my blog appearance. 
xoxo gossip girl


torstai 31. toukokuuta 2018

u s k o t s ä k a i k e n h y v i n m e n e v ä n v a i k a i k e n h y v ä n m e n e v ä n ?


So I went to defend my master's thesis and  dear internet friends, audience and the committee...

drums please...

I will graduate!
I am a master's of communication management, crazy isn't it!
I still can not believe I wrote my master's thesis about hip-hop culture and its authenticity. 
It was absolutely crazy ride, but I guess it was worth of it.

I haven't yet realized it that it really is over now, but I have to admit I feel a bit lighter,
or a fighter as my tattoo says.

Nevertheless, it is a good times bro!
There is one video coming soon to you guys.
I can not reveal anything yet but keep eye on me.
I bet it's going to be worth of it!

lauantai 26. toukokuuta 2018

p a l j o n s i e l u m a k s a a ? p a l j o n s i i t m a k s e t a a n ?


I used to be the one who always said no to cakes, candies and all social restaurant evenings. All kinds of trips with the fellows I work on projects with, gave me anxiety and all the birthday parties were really uncomfortable for me. I spoke a lot years ago how people giving social pressure to eating a cake when being on a competition prep pissed me off. It sounds kinda funny now, but it was a real concern of mine years ago.

Let me explain.
I was Fitness 110%.
I lived for that shit.
I thought that eating my macros was the only way to feel happy and look the way I do.
I didn't eat A N Y tasty stuff, normal stuff and instead of that I was deep in this fitness hole.
It was fun, but it was also a lot of bad feelings and made me miss so many good memories & moments!

I was so sure that if I eat an ice gream or two I will become plus 10kg.
Then I started to think about that this can not be right way to live my life.
I mean -I loved that lifestyle but oh man how good it feels to eat cake with others when we are celebrating!
So I tried it. And my life happiness increased to 200%.
I do not know anything more empowering feeling than going to out with your loved one to eat breakfast together, or order food home without feeling bad about.

If you think you have obsession of food and unhealthy habits.
Just try something else.
You can always go back to your whole-fitness if that feels better.
But for me-
I still look so-so the same and enjoy so much more about life without quilty feelings.